First Impressions

We made it through the first day of screening! Unfortunately we did not see as many kids as we had expected and most of them were very young, which is unusual for the city. We hope that over the next few days more kids show up so that we can maximize the use of our whole team here. We have 29 people, made up of everything from surgeons to outreach. Most of the group is from Colorado, but we also have a local surgeon from Kalibo, Dr. Samman from Hong Kong, three women from the UK, and several people from across the United States. Overall the group is diverse, dedicated, and fun. The local nurses helping us at the hospital are incredibly friendly and they provided invaluable help yesterday with translation between our team and the Filipino families. Today we look forward to starting surgery, with many double cleft lip and palate operations for the kids. With low number of scheduled surgeries, we are excited that we can give every child the operation they need.
Thank you for all your support and keep checking back for pictures of the screening, surgeries, and families!
Hannah Van Wetter, outreach

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