Inaugural Mission Success Beyond Expectations!

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Most of the volunteers on Mission 2011 Kalibo have worked together on at least a half dozen missions in the past. Because of this cohesive team, the mission after 3 full days of surgery has completed 48 procedures! Many of the patients are young needing both cleft lip and palate repair. The children are so fortunate to be able to have both procedures performed during one surgery as this means less cleft surgeries in their future. This is easier both on the patients and parents! Having the cleft palates repaired at a younger age, gives the kids a better chance at having more normal speech and allowing them to have a normal life.

Mission members have been graciously hosted at 2 events by the Provincial Governor and the Kalibo Rotary Club. The Rotarians treated us to Valentine’s Day dinner and some enthusiastic Karaoke singing. A good time was had by all. The Governor hosted a lovely dinner at a local restaurant and presented the Mending Faces board members with Plaques of Appreciation. The Governor’s assistant expressed immense satisfaction with the mission, was happy to see so many familiar faces return for Mission 2011 and encouraged us not to stay away for long and return to Kalibo in 2012.

A big thank you to the entire Governor and his staff, the hospital staff and the Rotarians. The Mission and its successes would not have been possible without their efforts, hospitality and coordination. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

After the surgeries are finished, the Mending Faces chairman and another volunteer will make an emissary visit to finalize the location for Mission 2012.

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