Mending Faces Mission 2012: Step 1 – Packing

Friends and Supporters of Mending Faces:

We are putting the finishing touches on supply box #23 and #24, when combined with the 15 boxes and 3 anesthesia machines already stored in the Philippines (and most boxes weigh 50lbs) we are taking a ton of material to make next week’s mission successful.

The host hospitals are very supportive but they rarely have 4 surgeries occurring at the same time.  Even if they have sufficient equipment, it is a bit hazardous for us to assume that it will all be working when we get there.  Filipino maintenance techs are some of the most resourceful people we have ever met, but some things even these hard working McIver’s  can’t fix.

Mending Faces brings its own anesthesia equipment, CO2 rated monitors, suction machines and Bove devices (electro-cautery).  This way we know that we have all the tools needed for surgery and excellent outcomes.   By far the biggest component of donations to Mending Faces each year is the expertise and time of our volunteers, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.    Ensuring surgeons can work effectively and not experience any equipment issues is a priority for all of us at Mending Faces.

Mending Faces own Vice Chair, Dr. Mimi Wong and Anesthesia Committee Co-Chair, Dr. Barbara Allen donated anesthesia machines last year, this year we received 4 monitors and 3 Boves.  We also purchased 4 suction machines because we were not comfortable with borrowing the equipment.   If you have blocked airway, reliable suction becomes instantly critical and it is important that we be ready.   Anyways, we can now equip and run four tables simultaneously for the whole week.

Note the green box covers:  Years ago we discovered how difficult it was to properly tape and tie up a box to survive the flight to the Philippines so with the help of our good Filipina friend Virgit, we developed canvas box jackets that have survived dozens of missions.  Note our most important stateside instrument, the scale.  Making sure every box is exactly 50 lbs can be a trick but important.

Enough rambling for one day, but more to come before Thursday (2/23 – when we leave) about where we are going.

Regards and thanks for all the support:


Jay L.



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