A San Jose Kind of Day

Today was our first day at the hospital, spent busy preparing for the coming week. “Busy” seems like it might be a theme for our mission; we scheduled surgeries for about 81 patients. It was a full day which started at 10 AM unpacking boxes and setting up the operating room. We ended around 5 PM with the last of the patients making their way through our screening process. Our whole team is looking forward, firstly, to a good night’s sleep.


The children are beautiful and enthusiastic. Meeting them and their parents confirms for all involved that we’re doing good and necessary work. It’s well worth all the scheduling headaches and the heat. Indeed, the air feels more like hot oatmeal than actual air, but it more adds to the sense of effort than actually bothers

The staff at the hospital has been welcoming and friendly. They will be a joy to work with and will, no doubt, make our jobs quite easy.


Our two operating rooms are set with two beds apiece. With the great and numerous staff, we ought to be able to have quick turnover and easy procedures. We start at 8 AM tomorrow. It will be a long but ultimately gratifying week. We know it will zoom by.

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