Perspective of a new missioner

This is my first year volunteering for Mending Faces, and I’m sorry it took me so long to make this connection.  I am a vintage retired RN and it’s been many many years since I have been involved in direct patient care, but this mission had great appeal. And now that I am here, I am delighted with my decision.

Jean Coates  – many years experience running the PACU

After a day getting ready and two days working in the PACU/Recovery Room and having the opportunity to observe in the operating room, I am astonished at the heart, energy and expertise our volunteers have brought to this community.  The surgical procedures are incredible – they aren’t just decent surgeries to improve a very difficult situation.  They are much more – the surgeons offer such depth of expertise and have a desire to make each procedure as good as it can be!

(local nurses are very eager to help)

And how can you not be taken in by the looks of these beautiful children and their concerned parents.  Even the lack of a common language cannot hide the looks of concern, fear, and appreciation.  This have been an experience of a lifetime.

(Sami ready for another day)

Carol Ansley

Alameda, CA


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