Day 1- Mark Horton

We got the quick tour of the Roxas Provincial Memorial Hospital this morning and went straight to unpacking our supplies and setting up the opererating rooms, 2 rooms, four tables.  Everyone stepped up and we made a fine team of putting it all together!  No trip like this comes without unexpected issues…To our surprise  (no surprise) we had some of our pre-shipped supplies and equipment infected with little bugs.  We called them rice beetles.  Some of our machines had been packed a couple months ago and shipped out ahead of our arrival, and had been packed with bundles of rice, to absorb the moisture. Apparently the little rice bundles had hatched little rice bugs, from the eggs contained in the rice!  No problem, we disposed of what we had to, and utilized our wonderful equipment repair technical expert, new to our group this year, and he cleaned out the machines!, Onward and upward!  OR’s all set, surgery starting tomorrow at 8 am.  Full steam ahead!

Mark Horton



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