Travel Blog from Kelsey

My first trip abroad and my first medical mission! I was excited, but my fear of flying was in the back of my mind. Three hours before my departure, I received a call from American Airlines that the flight from Denver to Los Angeles was cancelled and they wanted to reschedule me for the next day. I stressed to them there was no way that was acceptable because I had a string of international connections to make from Los Angeles. I was flying to Korea, Manilla and then Kalibo. Then I bumped into Tony, a fellow Mending Faces volunteer, and we were on the same flight that got canelled, so we figured it out together. I had already taken my vallium for my fear of flying and we were running around the airport, terminal to terminal, trying to solve this problem! The song “Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate” resonated  in my brain, and I knew I could figure it out! Luckily, we rerouted to Phoenix and were able to join the rest of the group in Los Angeles. Now that I’ve arrived, I am so exstatic to get started!


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