Released our First Patients Today by Scott Angus

Today we released our first patients! It was awesome to see how happy they were to go home. The cleft lip patients are required to stay for one night, so being the second day, we said goodbye to eight patients today.  We gave each of them lovely handmade quilts, stuffed animals, t-shirts, books and toy cars. The kids’ recovery is difficult and painful, but our nurses and outreach team keep their spirits up. The parents are elated when they see how well their child is after just one day of recovery. The swelling and surgical lines begin to calm and their new beautiful faces emerge. When this happens, the family of the child is filled with absolute joy in hopes that their child will begin a new life where they are not teased, bullied or considered an outcast.

Here are some more photos from today:

Surgery room with our dedicated team of medical professionals

Day 2(1)

Dr. Mimi Wong below carrying a child from surgery

Day 2(2)

Day 2(3)

Day 2(4)

Day 2(5)


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