Mothers by Usha Barry – Day 2 in Kalibo

Sometimes small things can shift your perspective powerfully.  That is what happened to me here on Day 2 in Kalibo.  I spent the early part of the day distracted by an issue with my return airline ticket to the U.S.A.  Then, late in the afternoon as I brought a five-year old boy into the recovery room after his cleft lip repair, his mother handed me the following note:
Day 2(6)

In case you can’t make it out, the letter reads:

Dear Doctor,

Thank you very much for the time, effort and kindness you gave to us.  This day will always be remembered as my son lives with us, his whole face is the proof of your generosity.  Thank you very much for giving him the chance as a new and a whole person ready to face for his more brighter future.

Once again thank you very much and God Bless!!!
Sincerely yours,
Morlie M. Acain

(Mother of Feolo Isaac M. Acain)

I read the words, looked up to see her tear-filled, smiling face watching me, and I was immediately brought back into the moment – all thoughts of paperwork hassles and plane tickets pushed aside.  Although I know that the “Doctor” she addresses is really a whole team of people (nurses, surgical assistants, physicians and support volunteers), I was grateful to be the one who was handed that letter.  I really needed the shift in focus.  For the first time that day, I stopped and took a really good look around…  This is what I saw:
Day 2(7)
Feolo and his mother
Day 2(8)
Kevin and his mother
Day 2(9)

Everywhere, mothers – caring, worrying, praying, happy, relieved, hoping, and sharing the pain of their children.  Not to discredit the fathers, but today I looked up and saw only mothers.  So, thank you mothers for reminding me why we do this and what it means.  This blog is for you.

And BTW, Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom!

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