Final Thoughts from Our Volunteers

Here is a collection of photos and thoughts from a few members of the Mending Faces volunteers from the 2014 trip to Kalibo:

It was a difficult job working in recovery op ward. After we started an intervene line, the child was dressed for surgery.   This is one of the most intense jobs I have ever had. It’s very rewarding. I couldn’t wait to see him in post op – from Kerry Ariana, RN

Post Op photo 6

The kids in the post op ward were scared of the blue scrubs, but I had a secret weapon – a teddy bear. Once I smiled and shook the bear the child smiled and laughed. It was magical, moving and powerful – from Kerry Arellano, RN

Post Op photo 2

I came in to the ward with the photos of post and pre op. The child ran to my arms grabbed the picture and did a dance – she was so happy! As I teared up she came over and hugged me. In a rare moment she let me hold her. It was awesome – from Tony Thirodopolous 

Post Op photo 1

I helped release a family from the post op ward and they needed help carrying the fan they had brought from home. I walked with them to the exit and I realized they had brought the contents of their entire house and they were taking a tuk tuk home. I helped them load the gear and the mom started crying, and hugging me. They were so thankful as I was to be a part of it!- from Scott Angus

Post Op photo 3

I was so happy to be part of the process of giving pre and post op photos. It was so emotional, I teared up as the mother of the child thanked us for our work – from Cathy McNamara

Post Op photo 4

The kids are amazing. What a powerful experience – from Barbara Allen, MD

Post Op photo 5


Service With a Smile

Have you even been to one of the big hardware stores and wondered where the heck the “helpful hardware man” was hiding? Or, visit a department store, say the one that starts with an “M” and rhymes with “spacey” and could not see a clerk anywhere? That is not the case at the stores here in Kalibo. Last year, I blogged about my 17 trips to the Gaisano’s in Rosas City, the only name in malls on the Island of Panay. I am sure they miss me this year… My first shopping outing this year took me to a hardware store called “Handyman”. It looks like your average neighborhood hardware store with one glaring exception: the place is crawling with help. Imagine a world where the clerks at the hardware store gently remove the light bulbs you wish to purchase from their packages and individually test each one? Or, when you ask whether they have a particular light array (for the operating room) and an entire posse of helpers willingly and happily set about locating it?. Unexpected. Amazing. I am not used to such service, and admittedly a little creeped out by it – for a jaundiced American can someone be too attentive? – while also being happy that each one of them have a job that they enthusiastically embrace? Yes, but its easy getting used to. – from David McHale


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